From: Dallas D Cada



Preface: This is not an article about abortion! This is an article about women’s rights. 

I love all children. They are our future and fate. Teachers, scientists, homemakers, painters, writers, etc. Hell, we were all children once upon a time. But this is no fairy tale. What if I didn’t know my parents? Worse yet, what if I had no one to care for me. What about the mother who knew she could not care for me and give me the life I deserve? Well, now this will happen in several states as the Supreme Court took my mother’s rights away to decide what she can do with her body. Yes, on June 24 the Supreme Court in their infinite wisdom decided to take that right away by getting rid of Roe v. Wade. 

Now please understand I am a Christian man that was raised to love God and all of his creations. Do you know that God has a plan for all beings? Maybe in this case He wants another pure soul in heaven. But when someone interferes with a course of life that may be in jeopardy, is it really right to have nine people decide that fate? Is the Supreme Court God? Do they have a plan as to how all beings should live? I don’t think so. Hell, it took God seven days to create the earth. It took this court five minutes to make a decision that is going to affect everyone, especially women. 

Do you really think that this decision is going to stop here? No! They are already talking about taking away the abortion and birth control pills. What’s next? Condoms, IUDs, any kind of contraceptive? How about a sex meter implanted on both men and women? In the past 40-plus years abortions were done safely with qualified surgeons. Women had to call on social services, religion, health care officials and their conscience before going through with this act. They were guided by these and many others! They didn’t go in a back alley with no professional to see them through it. 

Now, why would this court want this to happen? Because most are religious fanatics that think they are God who can and will decide what is right for that woman. While there are many reasons why women get abortions, the point is, is that they feel they have the right to do what they want with their body. 

Now, I know some of you may be thinking: What about the rights of the unborn? Well, you have a point. But again, would you want this law to not protect the woman or unborn child that may be in mortal danger? I don’t think so. 

There is a silver lining to this grey cloud though. While the court’s ruling is a federal decision, states do have the right to determine if a woman has the right to her own body. So, remember this in November when we vote. Vote for the people that will protect women’s rights and other rights that are slowly disappearing, not people that are focusing on their own agenda. 

Afterword: This article was crafted by the motivation of what’s been happening with our rights. So, besides this latest ruling, the court has already placed restrictions on voting, guns regulations, and the EPA. This is not the end. The court knows it has limited time to do the best it can to take us back to the earlier 1900s. No rights, no wisdom, no being. Yes being.