From: Debbie Sheets



I ask Republicans which “traditional values” are you talking about when you say our country should return to traditional values? Keeping women “in their place?” Homophobia? Destruction of the environment by corporate malfeasance? Political corruption, and flat-out criminal behavior, held unaccountable and encouraged? Gun laws that allow military-style guns to be used on our communities of children at school and people of color who are just shopping for groceries? Continuing white privilege and supremacy? To name only a few of the egregious things your party stands for these days. 

These are “traditional values” of the worst kind! I don’t want a return to these traditional values. I want our country to foster values of inclusion, transparency, and honesty in our relationships with one another. Integrity in our homes, our communities, our businesses and our government. Kindness. Civility. We’ve given lip service to these values in our country’s history, but we haven’t actually lived by them very often. Let’s make those our “traditional values” going forward. Something we can be proud of, instead of continuing to foster hate and fear.