From: Dave Brand



This is a voting year again, and I hope everyone gets out to cast their vote for the person that will do a good job representing the people they serve. I had 52 years of experience in law enforcement, so I know Sheriff Ron Ganrude as I have known him since he worked for the St. Charles Police Department and then working for the Winona County Sheriff’s Office. He has worked his way up as a leader, serving as lieutenant and as chief deputy when I was sheriff in 2015. We both served the people of Winona County through disasters, such as the one in 2007, and he has handled many more over the past years. He has training in leadership and keeps learning.

Sheriff Ganrude is honest, dependable, hardworking and will go the extra mile plus. He is a Christian serving to the best of his ability. I will cast my vote Sheriff Ron Ganrude.