From Dianne Berndt



Free speech should include having a political sign at your business without being bullied by a friend of Chris Meyer to also display her sign (Re: Karen Fritz’s Sept. 21 letter regarding a sign at a business). One should not have to support two opposing candidates. Other Meyer supporters then called to intimidate further by refusing their future business. Such actions are the same as interfering in an election. People were "up in arms” when fake reports of Russian interference circulated in the 2020 presidential election. Where is the outrage here? And why has Chris Meyer not addressed the bad acting by her supporters? An apology should be given to this business and Ken Fritz.

Chris Meyer has a lack of interest in the public's opinion and a closed-off attitude in regards to discussing issues. At a County Board meeting (Sept. 13), while discussing the process for interviewing job candidates for the county administrator position, Chris Meyer was opposed to having a citizen panel review the applicants. Citizen panels were used in the past (including earlier in this search for a county administrator), but she is now against their input.

As for shutting down discussion, at the May 24 County Board meeting, she voted against putting an item on the agenda to discuss the contract the county holds with the Advocacy Center of Winona. She also voted against putting an item on the agenda to review and discuss the county's animal cap. These issues are important to a lot of people in the county, but she would not even entertain having a discussion about these issues.

Would Julie Ann Quist (Oct. 5 post of praise) please explain and give examples of what she considers “extreme right wing” residents? My guess would be anyone that would oppose Chris Meyer. This is the same tactic as the far left’s Independence Hall speech (that reminded me of 1930s era Germany) when Biden referred to the citizens that want America to be great as Republicans represent “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” Scare. Tactics.

Chris Meyer and her supporters, seem to me, to be the ones acting in the extreme.