Mark Metzler, Packer Perspective headshot

By Mark Metzler


Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst is no Einstein. But he reminds me of an Einstein saying that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity.

Let’s face it, that’s what it would be if the Packers brought back Aaron Rodgers for another year — insanity. If the Packers get a good offer for him, they should take it, but I doubt if they will.

Just last week Rodgers said that he felt he could win another MVP given the right circumstances, but he didn’t know if that was with the Packers or another team. I watched one analyst rightfully (in my opinion) say that his supporting cast would have to be spectacular for that to happen. He hasn’t had a spectacular supporting cast in Green Bay. It’s been sad, but he is past the point of being able to carry a team for an extended streak.

What’s most concerning about that statement is Rodgers didn’t say he thought he and his team could win the Super Bowl, but said he could win the MVP. Even if he said he could play at an MVP caliber to help his team win the Super Bowl, that would have been fine. Hey, the guy is likely the smartest guy in the league, and he is very strategic in his choice of words, so was that a slip? Was it intentional? Or is it his me-first attitude shining through?

I don’t think I would want someone like that as my teammate.

As far as some of the other teammates, Allen Lazard and Robert Tonyan, guys they might want back, are both free agents. Lazard has already said he doesn’t think he will be back. He wants a longer-term deal. It will be interesting to see what type of interest he generates. I don’t think it will be a lot, but it only takes one.

Tonyan will generate a little more interest, and I think the Packers will resign him. One thing to note is the mock drafts are tying the Packers to Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer with the 15th pick.

As it relates to success, what do you see with the teams that remain? If you look at the top seeds, the Chiefs and Eagles, the consistent element is a great offensive line. The Chiefs, who have been to the AFC championship game five years in a row, have an incredible line, all ranking near the top for their respective positions. So, if a top-flight tackle is available, the Packers may consider that, especially with David Bakhtiari being such a big expenditure and salary cap hit.

One that would pull on the heartstrings of many Packers fans is Peter Skoronski, a tackle from Northwestern, whom most rank as the top tackle in the draft. Skoronski is the grandson of former Packers tackle Bob Skoronski, who was a five-time world champion and the captain of those great Packers teams of the 1960s. Trouble is Peter Skoronski will likely be gone by the time the Packers pick.

But if Rodgers hasn’t been traded before the draft and Skoronski is available at number 13 when the New York Jets pick, the Packers might trade Rodgers for that pick and the Jets’ first-round pick next year. It’s just a thought, and those thoughts are all I have left after the Packers’ disappointing season. That would be different, anyhow, and would result in a different outcome — one way or the other.

As Einstein said, the very definition of insanity is repeating the behavior and expecting a different result, but, like I wrote, Gutekunst is no Einstein.